Sunday, 30 August 2015

Back from Oz

We got back after midnight on Thursday night, and I've now managed to sort out some photos. Click here, I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Latest and Greatest?

My Acer laptop has been upgraded to Windows 10, and so far I really like it. The design is clean and quick, and they've tried to make things easy for people. Unlike the Microsoft of old, they don't stomp all over your settings, and the user prompts are helpful, if a trifle condescending at times. Telling me to "Go and relax" when it did the 4th restart didn't do much for my blood pressure, but it's been pretty smooth so far.

After a couple of hours, some brief observations:
  • The interface looks clean and crisp. No fussy borders or shading, just plain boxes with text.
  • You may have to reconfigure your home networking, I can't connect to the main PC in our study at present.
  • The new web browser Edge is quick and smooth - but I'll stick with my old mate Chrome for now.
  • My favourite programs all run just fine.
Watch this space...

Friday, 31 July 2015

Boat sold

I'm happy and sad to report that Impulsive was purchased by a young couple who've decided to take up sailing. As long as they don't scare themselves silly in the initial days, it's a boat that will suit novices well for quite a while, as their skills grow. I didn't get the price I was hoping for, but in my experience you never do...

Summer cruising in Impulsive
What's next? We'll start tidying up Omega, a 25ft extended Noelex 22, and sailing it next summer. The finer points of ownership are still being sorted, but we'll have plenty of time for those details. Omega has room for two or three to sleep quite comfortably, so we can start exploring further around Banks Peninsula - maybe even the Abel Tasman.

Omega is a much roomier boat

Omega hasn't been sailed much recently

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A week off

A Bastille Day (Tues 14th)  drama: one minute I was riding in a cycle lane on Innes Rd by Mairehau HS, the next minute I was returning to consciousness on the pavement, being helped by some motorists who'd kindly stopped after I hit an icy patch and crashed on my right side. An ambulance arrived, checked me out, and said I should get myself to A and E for a thorough check. Heather arrived to collect me and the bike, and off we went.

My helmet is cracked from the force, trousers and jacket are well scuffed, and I've cracked a rib. The concussion has faded as the day's gone on, thankfully, but the rib is pretty tender. I'll be at home for the rest of the week while it starts healing. 

Apparently I was one of many having ice related crashes on Tuesday. There were three from our area of the Library and Grant Bush from IT has stitches in his forehead. Let's be careful out there!

UPDATE: several days of rest and careful use of analgesics and I'm ready for work tomorrow. No biking for a couple of weeks, though, until the rib heals up. And by then we'll be sailing in the Whitsundays, no bikes required. Good timing!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Boat for sale

A decision has been made, and my trailer sailer yacht Impulsive is officially for sale - for the princely sum of $4000 or offers. I bought it in 2000 or 2001 (I honestly can't remember, it was a long time ago) so we've had 12 or 13 years of sailing. It's had the mast repaired, a new outboard motor, major trailer repairs, a repaint, and lots of minor tinkering with winches, rigging, and fittings. I think it's worth more than the asking price, but as Heather pointed out, we've had our money's worth over the years. And small yachts don't sell for big prices, so there it is.

I won't be completely beached, though - I'm now involved with two friends in another boat, a larger yacht with some accommodation room. It's a Noelex 22 that has been extended, with a stern section added, but it sails well. This boat needs some tidying up, so at least I know what my retirement project will be. And I still have plans for a Jim Young 3.5m stitch and tape sailing dinghy, if I get really ambitious.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Big day out

Sailing at Lyttelton was a bit hairy this afternoon, with 20 knot squalls on top of a rolling swell and a solid surface chop - it was like sailing in a washing machine at times.

We made it to shelter in Purau Bay, to reef the main then catch up with our mate Chris Hutching - he was rigging up while we watched, then we sailed down to the inner harbour, and on to Church Bay. We picked up a mooring and rafted up for a beer and a chat. At 5pm we motored back across to the club ramp, while Chris battled back upwind to Purau. We hope he made it!

Watching Chris hoist sails.
Leaving the Inner Harbour for Church Bay
Henry Salad arrives in the shelter of Church Bay.
I'm tired and happy now, it was an exciting day out!

Some footnotes:
Chris's yacht is a 19ft Robert Tucker Caprice, designed in the mid 1950s. Twin keel yachts are very popular in the UK, because so much sailing is done in tidal estuaries. When the tide goes out, the boat sits level, then you can put the kettle on and do a bit of bird watching. How very British.

The complete set of photos is on my Flickr site.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Well, maybe

I like the Blogger interface, although their fancy new templates make it harder to customise. Oh well, it's really all about content. This is me getting around to saying I think I'll revive this blog for a while and see if I can manage a couple of posts each week. Facebook descends to the trivial whenever you touch it, and I'd like more control over what I post.

Here's today's post, 3 photos I took with my Moto G2 on my bike ride to physiotherapy this morning. The fog was completely gone 10 mins later, so I just caught it at the end. From Horseshoe Lake Road, looking west over Shirley Golf Course.