Thursday, 23 June 2005

Blogging with WebCT

Today we tried a couple of methods for fitting this blog into a WebCT course. As I expected, the simplest method, just adding a URL, actually worked fine. WebCT just shows it within the content frame, as with any other web page. You can, if you want, add the code for an iframe (inline frame) into the text of a textblock. This gives you control over the size of the frame holding the blog, though I can't think of a need for this at present. Still, it worked well too.

Blogs are the flavour of the month, or year, though they are all based on the assumption that if you have a blog, you must have something to say that's worth reading. It suits the post-modern notion of any utterance being valuable, every opinion is to be valued, and so on. We'll see.

Having lived through "The year of the LAN" (several times), "The year of the web" (still emerging, I feel), "The year of Linux on the desktop", and so on, this seems like another bout of hype. As I said, time proves all.

Friday, 17 June 2005

Still Here

This blog isn't getting a lot of use, but it's worth keeping it alive for various reasons. First is that I may have to drop my regular website, if I switch my home internet to a broadband connection terminating at the University network. The uni will pay, as I have responsibility for a server (several, actually, especially next year with WebCT v6 coming) but that means I'll lose my dialup connection to Inet. However, the University actually uses Inet/Snap as their ISP, so it's all a bit vague at present. I may get to keep the home page after all.

News from real life - I bought a pair of Volkl carving skis for $215 on Trademe, my new Avanti Blade bike is wonderful, my hip replacement is basically totally healed up, and we have just hired an e-learning adviser to share my workload. Nice!