Saturday, 28 July 2007

On the market

After a flurry of photographers, many phone calls, and lots of vacuuming, polishing, and hiding things, we have our first open home at 12 today.

We're on the web in several places; the Simes real estate company's site, of course, and at Open2View, which is one of the biggest real estate sites nation-wide. Open2View did the photos, and their site uses all of them - other sites show a selection.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


We now own 156 Slater St - or at least we will once River Rd is sold. Our offer has been accepted by the sellers, so the race begins! A building inspection of the Slater St house will be done early next week, the bank and our lawyers are happy, and so are we - no second thoughts so far. We have an open home at 12 on Saturday, so we'll be busy tidying the house for that.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Houses - and dramas

Big news - we may be moving! Subject to sale of our River Rd house, of course, but we hope that will be fairly swift. After all, it's a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house by the river in the right school zones. In another week the families who miss out on the ballots will think about buying a house in the zones for Avonside Girls' High or Shirley Boys' High, and we'll be there smiling. With our hands out for $425K....

The place we want to buy is a fairly modern stand-alone townhouse with heaps of glass and sun, really interesting shapes and angles, a stream out the front door, double glazed throughout, big double garage with auto doors, great location - the whole nine yards.

We've made an offer at the asking price ($360K, which is $25K less than the original price) so now we wait for the sellers to respond. Nervous? Us? Nah.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Week? What week?

I think I must have used this title before, Firefox auto-filled it as I typed...

Isn't it time that all of us who are finding that technology is decreasing our leisure time, instead of increasing it, declared a moratorium on New Stuff? Where's that paperless office I was promised in 1990? And my personal helicopter, like in The Jetsons?

This week? Dentist appointments, a server software upgrade, 100+ lecturers who haven't thought about their online courses until lectures started, students who think that enrolling at 11am means you'll have full network access by 2pm, lots of new online courses to set up for staff who don't want to do any training but don't know how to use the system, problems with assignment drop boxes, many meetings, reports to read and comment upon, the whole nine yards.

And then this morning I walked in at 8am to discover that the Blackboard system had stopped serving web pages at midnight Thursday! Oh poop, major crisis! The server was still running, so was the database, but WebLogic had stopped talking to the world. Also our overnight updates hadn't run, causing heaps of emails saying "I can't see my courses." By the time I got these emails, I'd run the update again, and all was well. Still, it's a teensy bit stressful.

Oh yes, the server - I rebooted it and all was well. But I was too busy to write it up and send a call to BB Support. Life as a system admin has its moments. And I've been appointed to another committee. So it goes.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Movie time

While skiing at Treble Cone last week, I tried using my digital camera's movie function. I set the size to 320x240 to conserve memory card usage, and YouTube has further reduced the quality. Still, it was worth a try. All three clips were taken on the upper section of Main Street.
  1. Heather and Kristine skiing.
  2. Heather and Gregor skiing.
  3. I tried holding the camera and following Kristine down the hill. It's rather shaky but gives an impression of the experience.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Holiday snaps

There is now a set of photos from our trip south on my Flickr site. I don't much like the way Flickr arranges its main list of photos from newest to oldest, but I guess it makes sense. I switched the order of the photos in the set so they're in chronological order, but the main photostream is newest-first..

Friday, 13 July 2007

The Secret of Skiing

The Wise Old Men of the Mountains used to say zen stuff like "Turn the left one to the right, and the right one to the left", or go "Whoosh...Whoosh...Whoosh" as they skied off in front of you following such conversations on the chairlift. My version of The Secret of Skiing is "Take your gear, and Be There". Deep, eh? Anyway, that's me above, pretending I'm 40, getting my $100 worth on the summit slopes of Treble Cone. I'll organise a bunch of shots for Flickr before the weekend is over. Sorry, no Cardrona shots, I left the camera back at the car and it was a bit grey anyway.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Ski Lake Wanaka!

Wherever there's marketing, there are idiots. And wherever there's a ski business, there's marketing. Like the marketing geniuses who thought up "Ski Lake Wanaka" - do I bring a wetsuit? Sigh...

Anyway, we're off to Wanaka tomorrow for some skiing and relaxation. Probably we'll just ski a day each at Treble Cone -
and Cardrona - both screeenshots grabbed today. Yeeha!

If we have time, and weather looks promising, I'd like to return to Christchurch via the West Coast. I just love the Haast Pass and the glacier towns of Fox and Franz Josef, and driving over Arthurs Pass back to Christchurch. I have a video camera so there may even be YouTube clips at the end of the week.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Cup blues

America's Cup: Grant Dalton says the Kiwis need to lift their game. Hmmm...

US Politics: If you thought the world was a rational place, and that the US stood for truth and justice in government - Scooter Libby is pardoned by Dubya after lying for Dick Cheney. Hmmm...

Terrorist Bombers: Confirming Peter Cook's theory, Scotland Yard are once again looking for a mindermast.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

The gap widens

Oh dear, now it's 4-2 to Alinghi. ETNZ led for the first two legs, but Alinghi picked up more pressure in a tacking duel on leg 3, and that was the end..

I can't do better than provide the summary from CupInfo;

"Race 6 Complete: Following a dial-up, ETNZ pulls off a nifty escape in the pre-start, gybing in front of Alinghi with no penalty. Starboard tack start, Kiwis to leeward, Swiss at the RC boat end, and drag race toward the port layline. Good left shift comes for ETNZ. New Zealand leads by 14 seconds around the first mark. Downwind, Alinghi is close and getting a good wind shift. 11 seconds at the bottom mark for ETNZ. The teams split the gates, ETNZ left, Alinghi right. Wind is soft and getting softer, under 9 knots. Both go hard toward the right corner, Alinghi closes up, tacking duel fighting for position. The Swiss finally get a small lead and the boats go off together on starboard tack. Small gains for NZL-92, but position gives SUI-100 a 16-second delta at the second windward mark. NZL-92 doesn't gain in the chase, but a gybing duel starts to pay. A split draws them close on return, 20m, but there's no passing to be had in the time remaining. More splits, but nothing to gain from them, and the finish line is coming too fast. Alinghi wins Race 6 by 28 seconds to move within one win of the America's Cup."