Thursday, 7 August 2008

Good isn't the word...

More like great, terrific, brilliant - to describe skiing at Mt Hutt yesterday. The sun shone, the wind died away, and the groomed runs were immaculate packed snow. The ungroomed areas had about 20-30cm of chopped up powder, which was best skied at speed to break up the chunks. It was a bit stop-go for the first couple of runs, so I soon took my hot little GS skis back to the car and got out my 185cm cruisers, and had a great time carving big arcs through the chop. No photos, I was too busy skiing. This shot from Mt Hutt's website says it all though.
Mount Hutt in perfect condition, not a rock in sight.
The spring skiing in September is going to be spectacular - it will be a velvet carpet from top to bottom!

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Burpy said...

Ok, rub it in some more why don't you. Bah... Next time I'M COMING TOO!