Sunday, 31 August 2008

Skiing on Sunday

Mount Hutt looked superb as we drove up today, but when we got near to the carpark we could see that it had been rained on, up to about 1500m - the bottom of the Towers, or thereabouts. That meant that the snow was frozen solid, apart from some attempts at grooming. The Austrian and Swiss teams loved it, running a full speed super-g until 11am, but for mere mortals it was a bit too bulletproof.

I responded by putting more exaggerated up-down movement into my skiing (especially down), which worked OK but it's tiring to those outside the World Cup circuit. I was getting a bit error-prone by 3pm, and decided to stop - then Heather and Alice promptly decided that they'd had enough too. So we were back in Christchurch at 5pm in a lengthening spring twilight.

Heather had a fall in the morning and scraped her nose and cheek on the ice, so she is sporting some rather tender looking flesh wounds tonight - let's hope they heal quickly! No photos, the skiing wasn't worth the bother of photography.

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