Saturday, 20 September 2008

Boating soon

Today was devoted to boat maintenance. At 9am Schroeder and I arrived at the trailer yacht yard at Lyttelton, hooked up the trailer, and drove back to town to get a warrant of fitness for the boat trailer. That went flawlessly, and by 11am I had the boat parked at home to do some more painting.

Last weekend I did most of the sanding in the cockpit. Today I applied a power sander to the remaining spots, applied primer, then went to have lunch and do the weekly supermarket run. By 2pm the primer was dry, so I started with a portable vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust and the seeds from the trees, followed by creamy yellow deck paint to cover up the primer. The second coat will go on tomorrow morning, then we'll take the boat back to Lyttelton, with sails stored inside ready to start the season. Once we raise the mast and attach the sails, of course.

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