Tuesday, 16 September 2008

False hope for the hopeless

A phrase hit me as I watched TV this dinner time; "age repair elixir". The combination of powerful magic words ("It's not a cream, it's an elixir!") intrigued me, so I did a quick google. The commercial was advertising this product; ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Elixir, $US44 for 1 fl.oz. Apparently it is "A luxurious, ultralight serum that provides the maximum level of Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology." Whatever that is - or more likely, isn't.

The people who've swallowed this tosh so far are then advised to apply the elixir "every morning and night before your moisturizer". I wasn't brave enough to look up the price of that, and bailed out from the web site.

About then I looked up at the TV, and there was the Family Health Diary, telling us to pester our doctors for a new brand of asthma inhaler, and to buy other dubious products for even more dubious reasons. These snake-oil salesmen make me really cross, taking advantage of the stupid and desperate like that. I suppose the cosmetics industry is marginally more ethical than this lot, because they don't actually fool about with people's health. However they certainly charge a lot more for the illusion of glamour and imaginary benefits they promise in such sincere tones.

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