Thursday, 11 September 2008

Foot traffic

This winter I have noticed some odd behaviour among central city pedestrians.

Pedestrians (dressed in corporate black for invisibility) walk around a corner to the left. They walk about 10 metres, until they cannot be seen by left turning drivers, then leave the footpath and walk diagonally across the road, backs to the approaching traffic. This suicidal behaviour may avoid the wait for the traffic lights, but it is very bad for their life expectancy. The bravest pedestrians also wear headphones, so they cannot hear approaching traffic.

This is the pedestrian equivalent of some Christchurch driver characteristics; indicators that only work when the steering wheel is turned, and the daring red-light running so beloved of this city's motorists.

The pedestrians obviously want to copy the risk taking behaviour of the motorists. Are they entered in some secret contest that only those Christchurch born and bred are privy to?

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