Monday, 22 September 2008

Heather's big day

This morning we'll take Heather to St George's Hospital around 11am, and leave her to undergo a hip replacement some time this afternoon. I don't think she'll be in much of a mood for visitors tonight, but I'll pop over briefly about 7 to see how she is doing. We're all a bit nervous, which is understandable given the seriousness of the operation.

Tomorrow Alice flies to Rarotonga to attend her friend Pip's wedding, returning on Sunday in time to prepare for her first day at work next Monday. Big events all round!

Thanks to a fine weekend the boat painting is done, so I will return it to the yard at Lyttelton in the next day or so. (Later; the boat is back at Lyttelton today; thanks to Mark Schroeder's assistance it only took an hour.)

UPDATE: Heather was out of surgery at 3:15, and called us at 5:30 to say she was awake - when the morphine allowed. We're off to see her now - 6:45pm.

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Phil & Wendy said...

Hi Gregor

Please give our best wishes to Heather for a speedy recovery and when she's up and about again we'd really like to see the two of you here in Raro some time.
If there's anything we can do to help Alice while she's here please let us know.
If you email me at phil at astrofizz dot com I'll fill you in all that's happened since we were last in Christchurch
Phil & Wendy