Sunday, 14 September 2008

Long weekend

Because I took a day's leave on Friday, this weekend has been longer than two days in my mind; all Saturday I kept assuming it was Sunday because I'd had a day off the day before. (Left - this shot taken on Friday by Chris shows the characteristic grin of a tired but happy skier.)

Today began with an IT emergency; at 7:45am I noticed that the Blackboard web server wasn't responding, then ascertained that the database server was off-line as well. Both were the victims of Windows updates; isn't it nice to know that our systems are protected by these folk? Even if the servers won't run, at least they're safe from bugs. We hope. Anyway, rebooting both servers did the trick, so that was good.

After lunch I went to Lyttelton and started a small yacht-painting job; I sanded most of the nooks and crannies in the cockpit, especially the floor. Next time I will vacuum up the dust, tidy up the corners, then paint the cockpit floor and walls. The cockpit gets most of the foot traffic in the boat, after all. I hope we'll be ready for our first race on October 11th.

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