Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weather or not

Yesterday was a classic Canterbury spring day, complete with northwest gale. There were branches broken off trees by the river, pollen and seeds from trees piled in the driveway, and no possibility of taking part in the Naval Point Club's opening day.

This morning has dawned calm and damp, but promises to clear later, so Schroeder and I will go to Lyttelton and rig the mast and mainsail, then reorganise the boat cover. If it looks good enough, and we have time, we'll probably go for a brief sail to check that everything is in place.

UPDATE: it was still raining around noon so we just went and raised the mast, rigged the main, and reorganised the cover. We thought we wouldn't want to sail - then the sun came out at 3pm, after we came home. At least we're ready for a flying start next week - after I fly back from Napier that morning.

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