Friday, 17 October 2008

The week that was

It's been a busy week, with lots happening at work. The weather has been good enough to bike each day, though Thursday morning required a small gamble, which paid off. Heather is driving the car quite comfortably, and has started swimming each day - she finds swimming is easy, though slow, and aqua jogging is a bit of a challenge, but it's doing lots of good for the hip and buttock muscles. She'll probably start back at work next week, doing half days at least.

Today is the final day of classes, so the University will go into semi-lockdown at lunchtime when the big "tea party" at the Students' Association starts. The Central Library and the computer workrooms will be restricted, and watched carefully to keep the drunks out. Near the UCSA building, rows of portable toilets were set up yesterday, and the campus will fill with drunk aimless students as the day goes on. Isn't higher learning a wonderful thing?

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