Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Racing away

There is a definite "heading for the finish line" feel about this end of the year. University exams are on, we are finalising budgets and payments for renewals of software licences, annual reports are being written, and so on. Out in the real world, the US election is happening today and the NZ election is on Saturday. 

More to the point (though I'm not greatly interested) the horse racing season is happening; yesterday was the Melbourne Cup, where yet again I invested in sweepstakes at the office and my local pub, and won nothing. Mark Schroeder was dressed for the day, though, as the photo shows. I suspect it was a practice run for the annual shenanigans of Cup Week next week, leading up to Canterbury's Show Day - the provincial anniversary holiday.

Left: Mark Schroeder dressed for the Melbourne Cup. The binoculars helped him see the TV at the far end of the bar.

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