Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sailing weather

We were sorted out in good time yesterday, and managed to find the start line about a kilometre from where the race instructions said it would be - it's an aspect of club organisation that could do with a tidy-up, most race instructions assume that you've been sailing at Lyttelton for 30 years and that minimal information is needed. Just putting "Finish" as the last instruction is no help either - where? How?

Oh well, never mind - we had a great sail, though we didn't fly the spinnaker - mostly because of a lack of confidence after last week's epic. We successfully held off a Noelex 22 mostly by superior upwind performance; they weren't flying a spinnaker either, so we were very even downwind. But then we missed the finish line, so we just sighed and returned to the club.

The weather this weekend has been spectacular, with sunshine and clear skies, and temperatures in the high 20s - it looks like summer has arrived!

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