Saturday, 1 November 2008

Short and sweet

Considering that Monday was a holiday, this 4 day week has had a lot crammed into it. On Wednesday night we awoke about 11.15 to the sound of a screaming motorbike and a police siren; the noise suddenly stopped with a thud, then silence - right outside our neighbours' house.

The 52 year old motorcyclist had been chased for about a kilometre, before skidding on greasy piles of seeds from the trees by the river. (These seed pods pile up like snowdrifts at this time of year.) The bike hit a lamppost and flew through the air to land near our place in the centre of the road. The rider was not visible from our gate, but we could see the police and ambulance staff beside him - his helmet had been torn off and was in the road in front of our house. There was nothing we could do, and we didn't want to appear ghoulish, so we went back to bed.

On Thursday we had drama of a different sort, as the final decision of the Learning Management Review was made. It will be officially announced by the University's Senior Management Team on the 11th, so I'd better not say anything public until then. We're in for a busy time next year, I will say that.

Heather went with Nicky and Merv Sarson to a country garden fete in Hawarden on Friday, and managed quite a long time walking around, which is encouraging. Alice is shifting to a flat in Upper Riccarton tomorrow, so it will be a busy weekend.

A final question; why on earth do some drivers think that keeping the left wheels in the road shoulder is a good idea? I followed this guy back from Lyttelton this morning, at 80kph on a 100kph road - maybe he thought I could pass him? If I did have a passing opportunity, his leftward tendencies would be no help, so I can't figure it out.

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