Sunday, 2 November 2008

Weekend news

Well, Alice has moved out to her very pleasant and comfortable flat in Upper Riccarton - we got the trailer at 8am, and had it loaded ready to go soon after 10. By 12 we had it unloaded, and I was ready to go sailing - but discovered I didn't have a crew. Mark Schroeder had got himself involved in household and garden matters, and domestic politics prevailed.

So I went for a 25km bike ride, up through Marshlands to Prestons Rd then across through Burwood to North Beach and New Brighton, and back home along the excellent cycle tracks on the banks of the Avon. Now I'm quite tired after my physical day.

Some sad news today; Morgan Saxton, an ex student of ours from Wanaka, who has achieved a certain reputation because of convictions for stealing greenstone near Haast, has somehow crashed a helicopter into Lake Wanaka on a ferry trip from Haast to Wanaka. Bits and pieces of wreckage have been found, but no body so far. This is terrible news, and will be especially bad for his father Dave, who has been through the greenstone charges with Morgan - now he will face an appeal alone. Morgan was a terrific teenager, with a lovely nature, and he had grown into a handsome and interesting young man - 31 is far too young to die.

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