Friday, 12 December 2008

Big day

Today's been full-on for a Friday. I started with a bus ride to work (you'll find out why later) then a 9.00 - 10.30 meeting with other tertiary IT and elearning folk, planning a Christchurch Moodle consortium of some shape.

At 11am Bill Rosenberg and I went for a Segway ride, an annual treat put on by the security and mailroom staff. It was fun, but they're too big to be really useful in a city.

Some rapid work had me free to go for lunch at the Staff Club (right), where I heard a sad tale of a dead web server at the IT Dept. I'd wondered why I hadn't been able to access departmental websites all morning...

An hour's work after lunch was followed by a very long and interesting phone conversation with a software company in Australia selling course conversion services. It may be too expensive, but we'll follow it up for sure.

Then into town for drinks, tasty nibbles, and lots of chat with Rod and Margo McKay, along with my workmates Sally & John, and John's wife Marion who arrived at the end after another social occasion at her work. Heather came too; she knows Rod well from various adventures, including the Great Vic in 2004, and Margo used to be the Deputy Principal at St Margarets College when Heather taught there part time for a few years.
Sally Hunter, UCTL researcher - she's known me since I was seven!

John Ogier, UCTL survey administrator - who lives a block from our place.

Around 7pm, Heather and I walked a block to Hay's Restaurant, where we had a lovely dinner of lamb rack (me) and salmon (Heather); more expensive than our usual Friday night dinner, but as our 33rd wedding anniversary is on Monday we called it a celebration. It's OK to spend money when it's a celebration.

Then we walked through the Oxford Terrace strip (getting busy at 8.30 on a Friday) and the City Mall (depressing and scruffy, with quite a few empty shops), and caught buses home, first to Eastgate Mall then the Orbiter heading north, to a block from home. We didn't drink all that much, but using buses certainly avoided the breath-testing roadblocks that the Police are doing frequently as the Christmas drinking season is on us. It's been a busy day!

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