Saturday, 6 December 2008

Home again

Thursday was predictably blah, as I had only 5 hours sleep after arriving home. Both Jess and I sloped off from work a bit early, as we'd run out of energy by late afternoon. Friday was good, though, as I'd caught up on sleep and enjoyed my bike ride more than I had the previous day.

We had a long planning meeting in the morning; I don't know how much of that will be translated into action, although it's always worth talking about how we work together, and keeping communication lines open.

On Friday I ordered a Flip Ultra mini video camera, to start trying some educational ideas with one. it should be a very interesting gizmo - not at all hi-def, which mystifies the video purists who like to throw codec numbers at each other. Rather, the Flip is the Instamatic version of the VCR, and incredibly simple to use. It is to HD video as blogs are to novels. Not that I've got anything against the Instamatic, even the later 110 Pocket Instamatics with the tiny negative size. They and affordable colour prints made a revolution in mass photography.

I might go for a sail tomorrow, but after a big week of rushing about, I'm actually glad of a chance to just sit still for a bit. What will be, will be, to quote Doris Day, but first there's a barbecue to organise, if the easterly stops blowing enough to get outside.

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