Thursday, 18 December 2008

New toy

An Asus Eee 901 mini notebook arrived on my desk yesterday - it really is tiny, as this picture shows. That's an A4 magazine underneath, for comparison. 

It is totally solid state, with 12GB of "disk" space - Win XP takes 3GB, and various other programs are installed on drive D:, leaving about 4B of storage. It has an SD card slot, so I'll put a 4GB card in that as a third logical drive. Storage is not really the point of these machines, though - they are all about portability, and any files can be removed to a "mother ship".

I've installed Open Office 3.0 rather than Microsoft Office, and I'll make a lot of use of Google Docs for storage. At least that's the plan...

1 comment:

Cams Place said...

Hi, I see you now have a Asus EEE - I have been running an EEE90 for a while and this week purchased an external keyboard - one of the waterproof roll up ones, as the small keyboard and my fingers didnt work well.

Will be interested in your views in due course