Wednesday, 3 December 2008

There and back

I haven't posted as much as I expected to, because we've been pretty busy. The tram ride to Deakin and back is an hour each way, so we're on the go from 7am till 6pm each day, there was the dinner last night, and now we're close to leaving for the flght home. 

We have to sneak out of the last presentations at 2.30pm, then take a tram back to the hotel to catch an airport shuttle by 4pm. We should be at the airport about 4.30, ready for our 6.20pm flight; that arrives at 11.40pm NZ time, then there's customs and immigration before we drive home.

Heather has been enjoying herself, alternately shopping and being a tourist - today she's catching up for lunch with Katie King, the daughter of our old friends in Wanaka, before coming back to the hotel for the shuttle.

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