Monday, 8 December 2008

What's in a title

I looked back at previous posts - "There and Back", "Home Again" - jeez, who writes this stuff? Oops, I do! Anyway, after a quiet weekend I had a frustrating morning at work, courtesy of Microsoft Outlook.

My mailbox had a message saying "Mailbox over limit" so I deleted everything I could think of, then set my auto-archive interval to 3 months instead of 6, and kicked off an archive. It seemed to finish OK, but generated a heap of errors saying "Error copying folder X - folder already exists". Hmmm...

I decided to save a backup of my archive.pst file but Windows said the file was locked, so I shut Outlook and tried again - still no good. So I rebooted to clear the file locks and permissions, copied the file, and restarted Outlook - or so I thought. It wouldn't start in Safe Mode, the Repair utility crashed, and an hour had passed. Nothing for it but to reinstall Office 2007 (eventually, I won't bore you with the other things I tried first) and finally I had a working MS Office. By then it was 11am.

The rest of the day went fine, but this has not increased my love for Microsoft products. Especially when the OS and the application gang up to lock files and generally crash things. Bah, humbug.

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