Friday, 9 January 2009

Definitely summer

Two days in the high 30s make Christchurch more like Adelaide - it's not easy to get things done when your instincts tell you to stand under a sprinkler. It makes people a bit peculiar too.

For example, "The former husband of missing Auckland tramper Irina Yun is wandering about Queenstown, visiting her favourite spots to keep her alive with 'positive energy'."

He "...believed Yun was still alive and was using his training to help support her chi-gong (lifeforce). 'She likes Queenstown a lot, there are places in this area that hold good energy for her,' he said."

If I was in trouble, the last thing I'd want is some nutter distracting people by trying to "support my chi-gong" or similar new-age rubbish. Someone should tell this guy, in plain language, that Cascade Saddle in heavy rain is not a healthy place and that Irina fell in the river and drowned - end of story.

Next item of holiday season stupidity is this story of a three year old who grabbed a mastiff's testicles and not surprisingly was told to go away in the only way the dog knew. Now the child's mother is upset that the dog is not to be destroyed, as the dog rangers considered that it was provoked. Maybe the child welfare service would like to know where Mum was when little Caine (nice haircut!) was pestering the dog - and where did he learn to testicle-grab anyway?
By the way, caring mother, it seems that someone has been jabbing bits of metal into your face - maybe you should lay another complaint about that.

Then two tourists ignored the warning signs and fence, and stood under the terminal face of the Fox Glacier - and it fell on them. Surprise!
Funny old world...

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