Monday, 19 January 2009

Easy come, easy go

It seems that our party was impending for a long long time, then suddenly it was over, and we've had two days of clearing up.

Not that we didn't enjoy the party, of course, though it was a long day from 1pm to around midnight. We just kept the food coming, as Alice's flatmate Debs wandered around with dishes of sandwiches and savouries, and people helped themselves to ham and salads. At 6.30 I fired up the barbecue and we brought out some more salads - and they were devoured!

The last serious drinkers left about midnight, and we toddled off to bed. Yesterday we dealt with the rubbish and took down the marquee. In the afternoon we had lots of visitors, then we had a nice dinner at a local pizza-pasta place with Logan and Pamela Moss, and Michael Meek and Susanne Williamson - all old friends from university days around 1970.

So it has been a lovely occasion, with lots of friends from near and far converging on our house for wine, food, and talk - lots of talk!

Oh yes, nearly forgot - photos are here.

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