Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sparkling sailing

Darren Armstrong and I had a great day sailing today - poor old Schroeder had to help his daughter move out from a flat so he didn't get to join us. It was a lovely blue sky and blue water day (Darren even saw some dolphins) and we had a lovely time. We were under way at 1pm, and sailed up the harbour to Camp Bay, followed by a spinnaker run all the way back down to Cass Bay, past the yacht club.

After taking the spinnaker down we realised it was only 3pm, so we left Cass Bay and took a long tack over to Diamond Harbour. Once there, we turned on our track and broad reached back to Cass Bay, where we dropped the sails and motored back to the Naval Point Club launching harbour.

That was a perfect re-introduction to sailing after a month or more away from the water - bad weather and Christmas parties kept us off the water during December. Let's hope there's lots more days like this one.

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