Thursday, 8 January 2009

Summer daze

Not much happening in Christchurch, as temperatures around 30deg send people to the beaches or backyard sprinklers. Heather spent Wednesday under the tree with a book, after an industrious day tidying along our second driveway.

We will use the drive as a service lane for our Saturday 17th birthday party, parking a chiller trailer and rubbish bins to keep them close but out of sight. We'll also use it to get the marquee into the back yard, to save carrying.

Yesterday I sorted out the alcohol and a lot of the food - a few more details today and we'll be ready for the big day.

My brother Ross and his partner Julie visited on Tuesday night as part of a South Island camping tour, then off to Akaroa before crossing the divide and driving back down the West Coast to Invercargill over the next four days. It was great to see them; Ross starts a new job with the Southland Chamber of Commerce right after the party, so he made this visit instead of driving or flying to be here on the 17th.

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