Monday, 2 February 2009

Dunedin and back

We really enjoyed our trip down to Dunedin on Friday night. The Camry was superb on the open road, cruising effortlessly at 109kph (honest), and with good pickup for overtaking. The stereo was good, but the CD player seems to skip a bit. We stopped for an OK but not great meal in Timaru, and were in Dunedin soon after 9pm.

On Saturday we visited Jim in the morning, then we drove out to Outram for lunch, then back to town so he could rest. That evening we met Jim and Barbara at a new(ish) restaurant at St Clair for a really nice meal, and we visited again on Sunday morning before driving back to Christchurch.
Barbara and Jim at Swell restaurant, St Clair

The drive back was less fun than Friday night. SH1 was really busy, and the weather was patchy, so we were happy to be home.

The good story is the fuel performance. We're getting around 8.5 litres per 100km, or 33mpg in the old money. Cost per km, including road charges, is 12.6 cents, compared to a 28mpg petrol car at 15 or 16 cents depending on prices.

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