Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A glimmer of sense

The government has finally realised that the unworkable Section 92A of the Copyright Act was going to be a problem, and has delayed its passing while ISPs and others work out a strategy. I still think that copyright will eventually die out, as modern media make the notion of "ownership" pointless.

I wonder if medieval rulers were lobbied by the Union of Monastic Scribes? "Gutenberg's new printed book should be banned as it's taking work away from the monks in the scriptorium."

The Nats think that owning stuff is what life's all about, so it won't be an easy transition to a new way of thinking about "ownership" of digital media.

How do you own a song? Or a poem? Why do so many artists talk about "giving" their art to their audience? And as for philosophy - "Existentialism, mate - priceless".


Donald said...

Another proposed law that may unworkable re Wireless Networks [at home even]

Gregor Ronald said...

Yeah, it probably would apply to Joe Public, but it's unenforceable. Who would police it? What if you use your neighbour's wifi? (I have 4 unsecured networks in my block.)

It shows what happens when techno-chumps try to make techno laws.