Friday, 13 February 2009

On the road

All packed and ready to go - I'll be driving by 8am and hope to be in Frankton around 4pm, to meet Mark Schroeder and Owen Cambridge. Mark is following me in his own car because he'll go on to do some business visits around Otago next week, and Owen will drive from Milton after teaching - he has a free period on Friday afternoons, so he can get away an hour early.

We'll buy Saturday's lunch at the Frankton supermarket and stock the chilly bins, and leave their two cars at the Frankton Marina. We'll throw all our camping gear etc into the car and the boat and drive on to Kingston, where we'll rig the boat. We may not actually launch it until early on Saturday, as there's not much point in leaving it on the beach over night.

The race start will be around 9.30 or 10am, and we expect light winds and lots of sunshine. A southerly front went through last night, and Saturday could be a perfect windless summer day; nice for waterskiers, but it may be a bit challenging for yachties. We'll need hats, sunscreen, and beer...

On Saturday night we'll stay at a Queenstown backpackers and attend the race prizegiving at Frankton. Then on Sunday we all go our separate ways.

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