Sunday, 22 February 2009

Under way

Lectures begin tomorrow, Monday 23rd, and that meant a busy week for us, as we got courses set up and ready for teaching. The campus suddenly filled up with students during the week, and all sorts of changes happened - cafes re-opened after summer break, parking areas filled to overflowing, and so on.

We also had a couple of days of soft rain, which will have farmers and gardeners smiling. Today is Alice's birthday, and we've invited various friends around to watch the Twin Rivers Classic Car parade this afternoon. Hundreds of cars will drive along our street as they finish a loop along the Heathcote and Avon rivers, and it's become a regular excuse for a bit of a party. We put folding chairs on the front lawn, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy reminiscing about the old cars as they trundle by.

Two years ago; somehow we missed last year's parade.

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