Friday, 13 March 2009

Autumn arrives

Autumn arrived with a vengeance this week, just in time for the Ellerslie International Flower Show - which is held in Christchurch! The marketing geniuses in the City Council have not revealed what they paid for the name - or why we'd want an event named for an Auckland suburb, when they could have just started a Christchurch Flower Show for free.

Anyway, the event has made Hagley Park and Harper Avenue a no-go zone for those who have to traverse the area on the way to work, and apparently the show is getting huge crowds. The food and beverage services are struggling to cope, according to letters in today's Press. I wonder what people make of tropical garden exhibits with falling autumn leaves among the palms?

I tried to remove a stuck winch on my boat on Tuesday, and got driven away by a dramatic southerly front; I haven't had a chance to get back, so that will have to be tomorrow's job. We can sail without it, I suppose - I hope I can un-stick it once I get it off the cabin roof, otherwise we may have to buy a replacement!

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