Monday, 16 March 2009

Big day

The inaugural meeting of MUA (Moodle Universities Aotearoa) was held today, with me - the guy with the scar and stitches on his head - organising. We had people from 5 universities (Auckland's College of Ed, Waikato, Massey, Canterbury, Lincoln - plus CPIT because we like them), 14 speakers (well, the last one was a discussion) and they all kept to time, and gave terrific talks with stimulating ideas. It sure does show that people in the open source world value their contacts and support networks. And we had lovely food.

The end result is that we agreed to form a loose association with a rep from each university (I'm Mr Canterbury) and a web site with links to each of our institutions and our projects. We'll form a sub group on, and will lobby Moodle Central and the government when we want changes. Watch this space.

Some may say I've drunk the Moodle kool-aid. I just wish Moodle had a way to add a user to 20 courses at once - how did an LMS get this far down the track without such an elementary feature?

A total change of subject, to show you this amazing picture - and because I haven't put a picture to break up the last 3 or 4 posts.

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