Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Bish and the boys come to town

This flyer arrived yesterday, in spite of our "No Junk Mail" sign. I was struck by the photo of His Bishness Brian Tamaki - hasn't he lost weight? The man bulging out of his collar during last year's election campaign is now an ethereal angel in white - yeah, right!

The man with the tall slender body and the strangely elongated head will be talking at the local intermediate school on Sunday. I might stand outside for a look, remembering how he appeared only six months ago. I'd like to see the way they stage manage his arrival, and to snap some pictures of the head gangster and his bully boys.

If this kind of arrogant manipulation of his image is an indication of the way his "church" views its victims devotees, then all I can say is that he's still a nasty piece of work. Taking advantage of the poor and unsophisticated, while promising them a simplistic new future, has been a favourite technique of demagogues, from Huey Long to Hitler to Rush Limbaugh. He still has plans to build his "holy city" in south Auckland - how many millions will he bleed from his poor flock to fund that?

Here's a humorous take on His Holiness "the bishop of bling" and his expensive tastes, from the satire show Eating Media Lunch.

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