Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday at last

It's been a big week; first the MUA Day on Monday, then on Tuesday Bill Rosenberg, our group manager and deputy director of UCTL, announced he is leaving in May for a policy job at the CTU. Unions and economic analysis are Bill's passions, along with his work for CAFCA, so it's his dream job. However, it leaves us in the middle of the Moodle transition without a project director, and with significant staffing issues within our group. Watch this space.

On Thursday Moodle course requests flooded in, then today they tapered off - good thing too, as I had to organise the meeting to choose the Moodle "brand". By the time I'd done that it was the end of the day.

I hope to get some sailing done some time over the weekend, but Saturday looks a bit south-westerly. Maybe Sunday.

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