Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Something new to worry about

Societal collapse gets a year closer. How's this for a scenario? It comes from the weekly blog of James Howard Kunstler, oil and eco tragedian.
"...But what happens when farming collapses? The prospect for that is closer than most of us might realize. The way we produce our food has been organized at a scale that has ruinous consequences, not least its addiction to capital. Now that banking is in collapse, capital will be extremely scarce. Nobody in the cities reads farm news, or listens to farm reports on the radio. Guess what, though: we are entering the planting season. It will be interesting to learn how many farmers "out there" in the Cheez Doodle belt are not able to secure loans for this year's crop."
Oh no! No buns for the Whopper Cheese Burgers with Extra Everything! Seriously, a US public without wheat products and corn syrup will not be a pleasant crowd to deal with. They'll be meaner than a junkyard dog when they can't buy sweetened bread and peanut butter, or a box of Twinkies.

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