Sunday, 5 April 2009

Truth in politics?

A nice catch by Richard Wagstaff, head of the state employees' union the PSA: he's analysed the claims made by Justice Minister Judith Collins about privatising prisons.

"In her determination to privatise, the minister is making false claims about innovations introduced by the Australian company contracted by a National government to run the Auckland remand prison from 2000 to 2005.

Ms Collins claimed in The Dominion Post (March 26) that Australasian Correctional Management was so successful "that Corrections adopted many of the best ideas and practices of the private company". This is simply not true. Innovations the minister claims were introduced by ACM were actually established by the Corrections Department."

Wagstaff goes on to show that Collins has lied about many innovations in prisons - drug dog teams, crime prevention teams, high-risk assessment teams, Maori & Pacific liaison, and costs. I hope someone in the opposition runs with this at question time next week.

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