Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cyclists and motorists

This picture shows a Christchurch driving habit that is greedy, stupid, and dangerous. For some unknown reason, drivers think that a left turn will go better if they move to the left side of the road well before the corner. Of course, they block cycle lanes and cause all sorts of confusion among the drivers in the lane beside them, and they don't get to the turn any earlier.

There is another left turn variant that's just plain pushy and greedy; instead of staying in the lane and turning left at the corner, people sneak up and use the cycle lane as a left-turn lane.

This next one is great - the car is being driven by a learner, with a driving instructor in the passenger seat! They train them to be "me first" drivers right from the start in Christchurch.

This shows the answer - it's a cycle box, using a system first started in Copenhagen and in many cities in the US. They are also called Advanced Stopping Lines in some places. There's no mistaking where the cars and bikes belong with this arrangement. There are very few bike boxes in Christchurch, though - this one is down the block from the Engineering Department at the University, which may just be a coincidence. Or not.

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