Sunday, 3 May 2009

The longest day - Christchurch to Perth

Perth is a long way from Christchurch! We were up at 3.15am and were heading for the airport at 4, for our 6am flight to Sydney.
Heather and Jess having 5am coffee
That was quick and easy, and even the immigration and customs was quick, in spite of huge queues. Heather and I were pulled out of the customs line and told we could go - I think we've reached the harmless age. It reminded me of the James McMurtry song "Paris",
"When you land in Paris, and they wave you right through,
Though your passport picture doesn't look much like you,
They don't look at your luggage, they don't look at your face,
'Cause you pose no danger and you're such a disgrace
. . .
It's nothing you can see, it's nothing you can tell,
But you pose no danger and man they can tell."
Then followed four hours of sitting and reading in Sydney's domestic terminal, before a four hour flight to Perth.
No doubt about which domestic terminal we were in.

Leaving Sydney

Adelaide from 38000ft

After passing above Adelaide, we were over the sea for the second half of the flight, and then we found the West Australian landscape a real mystery, with rows of depressions, some filled with water and some dry and salty-looking. I need to investigate just what these are; man-made from mining? Or are they natural features?
Google Earth view of the WA countryside; the circles are salt pans which are natural features, but they are spreading as a result of deforestation and irrigation.

We arrived at Perth at 3pm local time, 7pm by our body clocks, and checked in to our hotel (nice), went for a walk by the Swan and looked at the Swan Bells (very nice building), had a quick dinner at a cafe, and were asleep by 8pm. That was midnight for our body clocks, after a 3am start.

Now it's Sunday morning, and we're heading out for breakfast and to explore Fremantle, then the Educause opening reception at 5.30pm.

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