Friday, 8 May 2009

On the way

On Thursday morning we checked out of our hotel and met Heather's niece Jacinda, who drove us to their house in East Perth, not far from the city centre. The house looks modest from the street, but it is lovely inside, with open plan living and an enclosed deck and spa pool at the rear. At present they have some noisy and messy construction happening next door, but that will soon be over.

Anyway, that doesn't matter, as soon they will be renting out the house for 14 months while her husband David, who is an engineer in the oil business, works on a contract in Karratha, in the northwest of the state. After that, they will return to Perth with their two children, Holly (8) & Giles (4) and they hope to start building on a section of land they've bought, one hour south of the city.

Jacinda left her hairdressing job last Friday, and today is David's last day with the oil engineering firm he's been working for in Perth; he starts at Karratha on Monday, so it will be a busy weekend while he gets ready to move. Jacinda and the kids will join him when the school term ends, and they've organised the house for renting.

David's work has taken them to some interesting places in recent years; they've lived in Brisbane, Switzerland, Chile, and probably several others that I've forgotten.

We spent yesterday afternoon biking around the Swan River, on a great network of cycle paths, and today we have nothing planned, so we'll probably just wander about the central city for a while, as I haven't really seen it on a working day. Tomorrow we fly out at 10am Perth time (2pm NZ), spend 2 or 3 hours in Sydney airport, then fly home, arriving about midnight - to a chilly weather forecast, with snow to low levels and cold southerly winds! It looks like winter has arrived, while we've been wandering around in shorts and sandals in 28 degree temperatures.

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