Thursday, 25 June 2009

Grand day out

Geoff Wain, Grant Bush, and I went to Mt Hutt today. The car did really well and carried us up the hill in comfort. The day stayed cold, and the visibility came and went as the clouds went and came, but the skiing was pretty good for this end of the season. It was well groomed hardpack, but that was fine for our first day. Geoff is pretty much a beginner, and he graduated from the learners slope to using the intermediate chairlift and skiing the cat track, which he really enjoyed.

Geoff and Grant at lunch. We should have gone inside, it was freezing.

Geoff's first run from the chairlift, Grant supervising.

Grant and I skied together, mostly on the 5 or 6 groomed runs, and had a great time. The big bowl near the bottom, between the intermediate chair and Broadway, was in prime condition, and I had some great sweeps up the sides of the bowl, switching edges as I came down to the bottom and sweeping up the other side wall.

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