Sunday, 14 June 2009

Quiet weekend

Saturday was supermarket shopping and setting up a TV in the kitchen to replace the old one, which was only 24 years old. The replacement is half that age, on "loan" from Rod McKay, and works OK, though the remote seems weird so we don't use it. The picture is great and all the main channels were already tuned in - bonus! I can again watch the news while cooking dinner.

Today started clear and sunny, and at 9am I was on my way biking to New Brighton on the riverside path. After a look at the beach and a big surf breaking way out, I rode up to Waimairi and turned west - into a 5-10kph headwind. It was just enough to stop me using my usual gears, and I couldn't get into a comfortable rhythm. I had been thinking of going to the railway cycle track at Northcote, but at Cranford St I was fed up and decided to head for home. Still, I did 25km in an hour and a bit, averaged 22kph, and definitely pushed myself more than just riding to work and back. I must do more rides like that.

The new $100 ski rack is on the car, so skiing must be getting closer.

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