Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ready for winter

I tried fitting an old set of conventional ladder-style tyre chains (last used on my HQ Holden pre 1995 but still almost brand new) on the Camry yesterday. The chains are a perfect width, but they're a bit too long, so today's task is to borrow a pair of bolt cutters and reduce their length. That will require jacking up the car and removing a wheel, which will be an instructional exercise in itself. I haven't used the jack or other tools yet, so it's time I familiarised myself with the gear before I'm stuck somewhere in the snow and dark.

Our roof rack didn't fit either, as the Camry doesn't have the gutters in the roof that the Corona had. I've ordered a replacement for $100 on Trademe; it should take our ski holders from the old rack, and then I'll quit the old one for whatever it gets. A new pair of plastic ski holders is $36 - that makes 4 sets even more expensive than the rack they fit on! No wonder enterprising people have started importing racks and selling them on Trademe.

UPDATE: The car exercise went well, all I need to do now is to borrow some cutters and remove the last cross-row plus the tails. The jack etc all work just fine; in fact I suspect that I'm the first person to ever remove the jack handle from its stowage place.

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