Thursday, 4 June 2009


Seems to be a lot going on this week:
  • Heather's sister Elaine has had a successful operation in Dunedin; more to follow.
  • I am applying for the Team Coordinator job. So far I've updated my CV - I didn't think I'd need to do that again. I have planned an application letter, now all I have to do is to write it. It's all due by next Wednesday.
  • I gave the IT Dept warm fuzzies by emailing and saying how we appreciated their service in last weekend's big whoopsie. (Major IT outage, nearly all fixed by Monday.) That started a bit of a storm among the university IT crowd.
  • I had my third bike puncture in two weeks, and decided to get a new tyre and tube. But the first tyre I bought didn't fit! It was a 27 inch, not a 700c; I thought they were the same, but not so - now I have a kevlar belted 700c 28mm wide tyre fitted, and all is well.
I'll start biking again tomorrow, just in time for the next southerly front. Winter's here folks!

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