Sunday, 12 July 2009

Great day out

Heather and I were away early on Saturday, and arrived at Porter Heights at 9am. Even with their total shambles of a ticket office, we had tickets and gear together swiftly, and we were riding the lifts at 9.15. We expected a big crowd as it was a Saturday in the school holidays, but the queues remained short and we skied non stop till lunch at 12.30. Heather was worried about her new hip, though of course it was fine. Her new 155cm skis looked like toys, but she loved them, and they seem to perform well in all snow conditions.

By lunch time we were seriously tired, and we were fading further by 2pm, when the top t-bar broke down. We skied down to the base again, intending to take a coffee break, then agreed that we were so tired that we might as well quit. We had skied hard and fast for over 5 hours, and with only t-bar lifts we hadn't had a chance to sit down between runs.
A nice woman offered to take a photo of us at the top of Porter Heights, with Lake Coleridge and the Southern Alps as a background.

The day was perfect, with a mixture of groomed snow and chopped up powder, and views all the way to Mt Cook. We didn't feel at all guilty about stopping early, and we're resting weary muscles today while a new southerly front brings more snow.

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