Monday, 20 July 2009

It was 40 years ago today

One Small Step Day, 40 years on. I was in my third year at Otago University, living at 103 Union St, Dunedin, in a 2 bedroom flat with Jim Guthrie. We had some entertaining and artistic types in the basement flat, actor Simon O'Connor and operatic tenor Patrick Power.

I was having a bath listening to my transistor radio in the morning when the Lunar Module landed. During the day while I was at university they did the "One small step" walkabout, and we wanted to see the TV footage - so Jim and I rode up on my Suzuki 250 to a friend's parents' house in Helensburgh (I think, near Wakari Hospital) to watch the pictures that evening.

That's two days (JFK and Moon Landing) that rank as "Where were you when...?" days. Maybe Diana Day is another. Interesting that two are American, from the 60s. Hmmm...

The Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter is photographing the Apollo modules left on the lunar surface. Once it settles into its working orbit, the resolution of the photos will improve by a factor of three or so.

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