Friday, 3 July 2009

Long wet week

I managed to bike to work yesterday, but it's back to driving today as the rain returns. This is a really wet winter for Christchurch so far. At work we're really busy as we get close to "go live" day for the new Learn system (Moodle with makeup) on the 13th of July.

A funny thing on Wednesday night; I woke at 2am to flashing lights from a tow truck winching a car out of the river. I don't know how the car got there, and it seemed that the occupants had fled; my guess is that after doing whatever they'd stopped for, they tried doing a 3 point turn, and lost traction on the steep wet grass, sliding backwards into the water.

Reports from Dunedin are up and down; Elaine is getting a lot more attention now, and they've found stomach ulcers, which should be easy to treat. That might explain a lot of her continuing stomach problems. She's healing quite well from the surgical wound, and her appetite has returned, which is good news. Heather will return next Tuesday or Wednesday after Elaine's daughter Bronwyn arrives to take over nursing duties.

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