Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mount Hutt today

Alice and Heather about to traverse onto the Towers Face.
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Today at Mount Hutt was gorgeous, one of the best days in years. There was 15-20cm of chopped up dry powder on a firm base, a big but well managed crowd, and perfect cloudless weather. You could see Mounts Cook and Tasman like they were 50km away. We skied with Alice so it was like old times - and she was first to stop!

The crowd wasn't a problem; we got there at 9am after leaving town at 7.30, so we had a good parking place, the lift lines were 5 mins on average, and we found a table for lunch with no problem. I think it was value for the $89 a person they charge - I guess they feel obligated to deliver a good experience for that price, so it works both ways.

The Camry diesel 4wd is a gem on skifield roads too - one of our more sensible purchases! We were home by 5, in time to cook dinner. That's one of the advantages of skiing from Chch, you're home in time for a shower and dinner.

We'll have an early night tonight, I suspect.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora,
Beautiful, looks steep!