Friday, 24 July 2009

To the hills

We're off to Mount Hutt in the morning, with probably every other skier in Canterbury. Anyway, it should be a terrific day, with 15cm of new snow and clear skies with no wind. A sunscreen day, that's for sure. The early bird gets the turns.

Want to know the secret of skiing? Legendary American instructor Weems Westfeldt had it summed up. "Turn the left one to the right, and the right one to the left." Simple.

Today I came across the work of Ron LeMaster, who specialises in high speed photography of ski racers. His shots are mostly used by coaches and skiers to analyse technique, but some are lovely flowing works of art in their own right. It conveys the lovely feeling of high speed carving turns, and inspires the racer inside every skier.

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