Sunday, 16 August 2009

Back to (nearly) normal

We've got our routines sorted out now, and getting Heather started on her day was a lot simpler than it was yesterday. And that's my last word on that subject.

We're off to the hospital again today, for Heather's noon injection - I hope they get her blood sorted quickly, this is getting to be a pain. While we're out doing that and having some lunch at the Mediterranean Food store (Later - darn, they're shut on Sundays), the agent has three viewers coming to look at the house, so we've been tidying quite diligently. (Update - one of the three wants to make an offer! We're awaiting a call back from the agent.)

Grump of the day; the IOC has allowed the ISAF's blatantly political decision to drop the Tornado from the next Olympics. I suppose the IOC were obliged to back up the controlling body, but still, what crap - the most exciting event in Olympic sailing has been canned!

If you wanted to shoot your sport in the foot, this is the way to do it.

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