Thursday, 13 August 2009

Daily darg

Heather will come home after lunch tomorrow. Apparently her palpitations last night are just side effects of the anaesthetic - probably. The delay is mostly to get her INR levels back up to acceptable values, so she can continue with a sensible Warfarin dose once she's home.

On a new topic: for years I've been saying, "When I become Emperor I'll ban cell phones in cars" and now I don't even have to stand for the local council. The Nats have shown solid Nanny State credentials, and banned hand held phones while driving. About time.

I've been driving instead of biking the last few days, and I reckon that 75% of drivers under 30 are texting. About 40-50% of older drivers are talking on mobile phones - I guess they have more money. If this stops them all tail-ending other drivers and driving over traffic islands, I'll be a less nervous cyclist; though maybe confiscating their phones would be a better deterrent than an $80 fine and 20 demerits.

A linguistic note - Transport Minister Stephen Joyce says he's banning mobile phones in order to "send drivers a strong signal". I enjoyed that.

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