Sunday, 9 August 2009

Heather's adventure continues

Heather had a call from the hospital this morning - the surgeon wants to take another look, and she should bring an overnight bag. After two hours of sitting around (though that included 15 mins for a new x-ray) we were informed that they think they should operate, to re-attach the piece of bone that has broken off. It's called a fracture of the neck of the humerus, for the technically minded.

So she's in Ward 19, and I'm here with the cats and the washing. I don't think she'll have the operation tomorrow, though, they said the word "queue" several times. To be continued...

On another topic entirely; Schroeder and I walked the Bridle Path again today, and cut the time down to 31 minutes, from the 35 or more we took next week. We think we'll do it once more then branch out a bit, to tracks like Rapaki. The sore muscles from the downhill faded fast today, compared to last week when they took three days to loosen up.

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